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Donor 5366

2pmama2pmama Junior Member Junior Member

We have a newborn son conceived with 5366 & just wanted t to see if we could find any diblings. We would love to stay in touch.



  • ImaniImani Junior Member Junior Member
    I’ve recently used donor 5366 and I am currently pregnant.
  • KristinaKristina Junior Member Junior Member
    Hello - We used donor 5366 and I am 19 weeks, we are due in March 2020. We will find out the gender at the end of the month (10/25/19).
  • akpetersmithakpetersmith Junior Member Junior Member
    We are a same sex couple in the midwest, pregnant with baby girl #1 due in March 2020 by donor 5366. We have 4 frozen embryos and 2 unused vials of sperm that were shipped directly from Fairfax to our fertility clinic in Omaha, NE; maintaining a high standard of quality. If anyone is interested in them, please reach out. We've spoken to Fairfax and they will facilitate shipment to maintain standard
  • KristinaKristina Junior Member Junior Member
    We just welcomed our baby girl using donor 5366. She is healthy and beautiful. We have reported our birth to Fairfax but wanted to post it here as well.
  • ImaniImani Junior Member Junior Member
    Hello! My wife and I had our baby girl March 12, 2020. We are willing to keep in touch with other donor siblings.
  • MystinguetteMystinguette Junior Member


    I recently became pregnant with donor 5366. Hoping to connect with you all once baby is here.

    Thank you

  • ShareeSharee Junior Member

    Hi!! We had a baby girl Feb 2020 with donor 5366! Is there a group going for this donor? Would love to connect!

  • ShareeSharee Junior Member

    I have created a Facebook group! Please feel free to join!!

  • RaquelRaquel Junior Member Junior Member

    I have a baby girl due May 2021 with this donor.

  • MandaManda Junior Member

    Hello all!

    congrats to those who got pregnant with donor 5366!!

    My wife and I purchased vials with this donor, but we will need to purchase more. However, he is no longer with the program. So, I was wondering if any of you have extra vials that you were planning to sell back to Fairfax?

    This would be the only way we could get more vials from this donor. Any info would be helpful! Otherwise, we will start looking for someone else.

    Thank you!

  • LR2020LR2020 Junior Member

    Nice to see the other success stories for Donor 5366! We also have a beautiful baby girl that is about to celebrate her first birthday. Time is flying by with our miracle pandemic baby.

    My wife and I are currently on the wait list for purchasing additional vials to grow our family. Going for a hail Mary here, but if there are any of you who have vials in storage that you're considering selling back to Fairfax please consider reaching out to me. I'd love to connect to discuss options.

    Thanks so much!

  • Jenn21Jenn21 Junior Member

    Congrats to all who have had success with 5366. My wife and I did our first IUI with him yesterday. Those who had success, did you do IUI or IVF?

    Send us all the baby dust! 🌟

    Looking forward to the day I can join the Facebook group! 🤞

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