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Currently in tww

txgrl74txgrl74 Senior Member Senior Member
Hi guys, I know there are a lot of us currently in the tww. And some that should have just completed the tww. How's everyone doing. And how were your results. Hope everyone got positives.


  • nyflynyfly Member Member
    I'm on day 5 & This is torture. I'm analyzing every little thing. ***It was my First IUI.

    How r u doing ?
  • txgrl74txgrl74 Senior Member Senior Member
    I'm doing ok, the same as you over analyzing everything little twinge or pain. Lol I'm also on day five. Had my IUI on friday. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to do an hpt or not. Have you thought about that?? This is my second IUI btw.
  • nyflynyfly Member Member
    My RE told me to wait HPT on the 25th. I think I'll stick it out. My best friend is Pg w her 2nd and didn't get her bfp till she was 6 days late, so that's influenced my decision a bit.
    I'm pretty crampy though - which is not normal for me.

    I'm keeping u in my thoughts, lady!
  • POT03005POT03005 Senior Member Senior Member
    I am on day 4 of my TWW. This is our 3rd IUI. Long story there...

    My partner carried our first and got pregnant the first time. We have a 4 year old daughter with donor 2634. I am trying this time with the same donor so that biologically the children would be related... my RE keeps telling me not to get down on myself... I am doing nothing wrong... but it is still hard.

    My HSG was normal with no issues or abnormalities... my AMH was 2.54 (I am 34) he said that was right where it should be... everything else seems fine as well. People.... please send me some baby dust that the sperm found its target this time!!!! I am starting to get a little down on myself.
  • txgrl74txgrl74 Senior Member Senior Member
    Oh wow nyfly, I just started getting cramping this evening. I keep flip flopping on whether or not I want to do the hpt. I did it the first time and of course it was negative. I just don't know, my sister never tested positive on hpts.

    POT03005 don't get down on yourself, this is my 2nd try. Just try not to stress about it. It will happen.

    I'm sending baby dust thoughts to both of you!!
  • POT03005POT03005 Senior Member Senior Member
    Thanks txgrl74! Here's hoping July is our month!!!!
  • nyflynyfly Member Member
    Tx- still crampy over here - lol ! I'm gonna try and hold out until the 25th! How were you today?

    Pot- keep your chin up. Don't dwell and think positive ! I saw your ques about ovidrel- my RE said 14 days too.

    Praying for healthy sticky beans for us all.
  • txgrl74txgrl74 Senior Member Senior Member
    Hey nyfly, is your cramping all the time or just random cramps? I had them for a little while last night and then again this afternoon. If you are going to hold out, I will too!!! We will find out together, my blood test is scheduled for the 25th also. :)
  • POT03005POT03005 Senior Member Senior Member
    Can I wait with y'all? I should know on the 25th as well.
  • txgrl74txgrl74 Senior Member Senior Member
    Sure!! I'm sorry didn't realize your test was on the 25th as well!! Here's prayers and baby dust for all 3 of us!!!
  • D-rizzyD-rizzy Senior Member Senior Member
    I am going into IUI #2 tomorrow!! Will be joining the TWW soon! Let me know when everyone gets their positive results!
  • txgrl74txgrl74 Senior Member Senior Member
    Hi D-rizzy, good luck. Let us know how it all goes.
  • POT03005POT03005 Senior Member Senior Member
    It's not an official date I suppose. I had my IUI on he 13th. (I ovulate typically day 16/17/18- RE says I am a late ovulater) but I am due to start my period the 25 and I go like clock work. He wanted me to test at day 14 and come in if positive for bloodwork etc... if not, we start all over and I think we move to clomid the next round. we have done three unmedicated... and now will go to medicated I think if this round wasn't successful. This past round we did ovidril because I ovulate sooo late to see if we could help with the timing but that was it.

    Sorry I ramble...
  • touptoup Junior Member Junior Member
    Hoping the best for all of you! Can't wait to hear! Hope all BFP!
  • D-rizzyD-rizzy Senior Member Senior Member
    Sitting in the doctor's office, waiting to be called!! So excited!
  • lposhlposh Senior Member Senior Member
    I'm on day 11 post iui. I'm due for my cycle to start Monday. It's been an emotional almost 2 weeks. This was my first iui. I did clomid 50mg day 3-7. Then a profasi trigger shot Sunday the 6th. I had my iui approx 36 hours later on July 7th. I peed out the hcg on approx day 5 post iui. Initially after the iui I was crampy, very bloated and kinda gassy. Those symptoms left around 5-6 days post iui. I still get the twinges here and there. I noticed a very light pink discharge lastnight and hope it's implantation bleeding. So it gave me hope to see that. I'm still getting daily negative test but read it could take 3-4 days after implantation to get a positive and I'm not late yet. So I so excited to know this up coming few days if this worked. I'm 37. Single and just couldn't imagine not being a mom and decided to do this alone.)
  • D-rizzyD-rizzy Senior Member Senior Member
    lposh, I am also 37 and single! I had my second IUI cycle today. Good luck to you and everyone else waiting for their positive tests!!!
  • txgrl74txgrl74 Senior Member Senior Member
    Good Luck D-rizzy, take it easy the rest of the day.

    Hi Iposh, my doctor wanted me to try to do unmedicated IUI's for the first few tries. Although this is my second try so I don't know if she would want to start doing medicated next try or not. Guess I will have to wait and see. Hopefully there won't be a next time...fingers still crossed that this is my month. I'm also doing this alone, although I have plenty of support from family and friends. Friday doesn't seem like it's going to get here fast enough.

    POT03005 I'm an early ovulatory, I have to go in on cd7 for my sonogram. Took a few months to figure that out. This was the first month that I was able to get a positive on my ovulation kit tester. First month I never got it, but I started testing cd10. Last month we missed it all together, I went and got a progesterone check and they said I had ovulated 2 days prior to my test, so I didn't get to try last month. So this month I started testing cd4 and went in on cd7 for my sonogram and that afternoon got my positive test and did the IUI the next afternoon.

    Good luck ladies and I'm sending prayers and baby dust to all of you!!!!
  • D-rizzyD-rizzy Senior Member Senior Member
    I didn't realize there were so many single moms on here! That's awesome!
  • D-rizzyD-rizzy Senior Member Senior Member
    Anyone use donor 4538?
  • txgrl74txgrl74 Senior Member Senior Member
    No I using 4282.
  • Danni_GirlDanni_Girl Junior Member Junior Member
    Wow, I am also on my TWW and I test on the 25th too!!!!!

    This is rather exciting!

    I'm new to the board, but thought I would check things out here.

    This is our first IUI with trigger, donor 4034. We decided to go with trigger shots because we live over 4 hours from our Clinic, so it would make things easier for timing.

    Here's hoping all works out.

    Btw, has anyone else been experiencing extremely sore breasts? Mine have been very sore the last 4 days, and it's getting worse each day.
  • chantillylacechantillylace Member Member
    I'm not a single mom but a wife with a hubby who has azoospermia. I'm 31 and currently 4 days piui this was our fourth attempt. First 2 with donor 2976 and last 2 with 2908. The last 2 we added clomid as a booster. Praying for a BFP as financially we will be out of
    baby making funds until Late fall :(
  • D-rizzyD-rizzy Senior Member Senior Member
    Good luck! I hope this is your month!
  • D-rizzyD-rizzy Senior Member Senior Member
    I back for Day 2 today. I decided to try back to back inseminations this time around
  • lposhlposh Senior Member Senior Member
    I just got a beta hcg and it showed over 1,000!
    I'm exactly 4 weeks!! But omg does this number mean twins!!??
    Excited and nervous!
  • D-rizzyD-rizzy Senior Member Senior Member
    Oh my gosh!!! Congrats!
  • D-rizzyD-rizzy Senior Member Senior Member
    And by the way, I have no idea about betas so can't comment on twins but I am so excited for you!!
  • txgrl74txgrl74 Senior Member Senior Member
    That's great Iposh, like D-rizzy I don't know anything about betas. But it definitely sounds good!!!
  • lposhlposh Senior Member Senior Member
    It's the number of hcg in the blood. Norm would be 50-150 at 4 weeks. And mine was over 1000. So not sure what that means about twinzies.!! So I'm gonna call my ob in the morning.
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