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Thread: Staying Sane?? First Time IUI

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    Staying Sane?? First Time IUI

    My wife and I are scheduled to start our first IUI round this month. I am waiting for my cycle to start and I don't think I can remember a time when I was this excited/anxious to start. I have spent a lot of time on forums, doing research, and talking with our doctor to make sure I know what to expect. I realized I was making myself a bit nutty and have been trying harder to just "go with the flow" How do you keep the nerves at bay? We are wanting this child so badly and the success rate is just 15% per cycle. I am 32 and will be carrying. All my blood work, ultrasounds, etc show I am fertile with no presenting issues; however, I have never tried to conceive and fear the pregnancy will not take. I would love to hear from you all to hear words of encouragement, tips, or suggestions to help me relax internally. It's such an incredible experience and I could not have a better partner by my side- we are always hoping for the best!

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    Hey there! My wife & I are also TTC currently for the first time. I'm 30 and will be carrying, I have no known fertility issues either after bloodwork etc and just had 2 vials delivered to the specialist thia week hoping for a positive OPK tomorrow to try an IUI on Sunday! I'm also overly anxious, but try to remember the worst that can happen at this stage is that it doesn't take and we go on and keep trying. Take it 1 day at a time I can't believe the day is almost here already ���� Good luck!!

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    Hey tafreeze! Hope you've figured out some relaxation strategies! I can't offer much as my wife & I just had our first IUI today so I'm trying to keep my nerves at bay by just telling myself "I've done everything they told me to, there's nothing else to do!" And just take some deep breaths. Maybe we can keep up on this journey together? It's hard because I've not told anyone except 1 sister yesterday and though she's excited she just doesn't understand the nerves! Good luck this month!!


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