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Thread: Seeking Donor 4849 for sibling

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    Seeking Donor 4849 for sibling

    We are desperately seeking for any vials of 4849 to purchase from someone who may have extra in storage!! We have a beautiful baby boy from this donor, and really really want to use the same donor for a sibling. We used my partner's eggs for our son, and we want to use my eggs for the next baby, but still have a genetic connection between the two children. I'll be close to 40 when we have the child with my egg, and once I reach that age I do not want any more kids. So if we can't find any sperm from this donor, I'm going to be heart broken! If you used this donor and have extra, PLEASE HELP!!! Reach out to me via email: [please share email via private message]

    thank you thank you thank you!
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