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Thread: Starting my IUI journey 35 and single!

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    Red face Starting my IUI journey 35 and single!

    Hey ladies! So excited to be here starting my journey with everyone. I am still finishing up the last of my test and hoping that my Dr will be ready to inseminate the beginning of next month! I believe I have narrowed down my choice to donor 4048. I will be starting with IUI I have no known issues so I am hoping for the first insemination to take, but I am definitely aware that its common for it not to take the first time. If anyone has any helpful tips for IUI success I am all ears! Best of luck to everyone!

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    I am at the same stage as you, no known issues, 33 and single. I just picked my donor (from another company) and will be inseminating at the end of the month. So exciting to be finally there! Best of luck

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    Hi Lizzie! Congratulations on your journey! Keep me posted on your success! Will your insemination be natural or is it medicated?

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    Hi Danny!

    My doctor and I agreed that we would do 2 cycles unmedicated and then if that doesn't work we would start meds. However, I just got the bill for the sperm so I am thinking that if one cycle doesn't work we will be medicating after the first cycle, lol.

    How about you? meds or none?

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    I am single and 34. I have a 9yr old daughter and Iím waiting for my consultation later this month. I donít believe I have any fertility issues, so Iím hoping to start off without any Meds.💖

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    Welcome Marcie,

    Have you picked a donor yet? Was your first child conceived using a donor?

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