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Thread: Starting the journey! ADVOCE

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    Starting the journey! ADVICE

    My partner and I are leaving the saving stage. We made our first appointment for Feb 26 to see what path we should be taking. Im 21 years old and unsure of my fertility status, however we are nervous about the success rate for IUI even in young women. Because we are in the beginning of the processs we are unaware of what to expect so we are hoping to connect with others who have been through the process and who also are just starting.
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    Hi Lee
    My wife and I went through the IUI process last year. We are expecting our beautiful baby girl this April. Good luck. Any specific questions? I will help where I can.

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    I started this process a year and a half ago. The one thing you have on your side is your age. Although fertility issues can arise at any point in life, let us be hopeful there are no issues for you.

    If there are issues discovered, just take a breath and be sure to ask lots of questions of your doctor. Stay positive and surround yourself with positive people. I will add you as a friend and you can message me if you need to.

    I’m soon to be 38 so chin up, you will get through this.


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    My wife and I started the process back in October and will be going through our first IUI this month. I am 32 and she is 34, almost 35. It's a lot of information, options, and expenses. The success rate, as we have been told is 15-20%. My doctor put us at ease and joked, "It's either 100% or 0%." For me, the waiting process, waiting for your cycle to start, the building anticipation, and the fear of conception not taking is definitely difficult. I don't know about you, but it's a delicate balance for us! I wish you guys the best of luck!!

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    I have my donor sperm vials in storage. I am future Single Mom, and looking forward to my IUI treatment in 2019! Good luck on your treatment plan & happy baby dust to everyone !!!

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    My wife and I are going through our first IUI this month. My cycle is to start any day and the closer it gets, the more nervous I become! The success rate is where I really struggle. What was your experience like?

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    Hi everyone, I'm also new to this! My spouse and I are interested in starting this journey, but our heads are already spinning with how to proceed. Does anyone have any recommendations on picking a donor? Should you go to a doctor to make sure things are good before proceeding? Anything would be helpful. Thanks!


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