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    Hey Mamas!
    My wife and I are trying to connect with some people who have had a child or trying to have a child with Donor 4060! We have one little boy who is 3 years old 8-21-14 and currently pregnant with our second one (16 weeks). We tried to connect on the sibling registery but had no luck. So who out there is using or have used 4060!

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    Congrats! 4060 was my first choice but in the end I had to go with another donor since our CMV status were opposite to one another. How much does your little boy look like this donor?

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    He is my mini me, but as he is getting older (he is 3) I can definitely see some major similarities, I think once other people see the side by side they can see the resemblance! But he is perfect!

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    He is my mini me, but as he is getting older we definitely can see the similarities!

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    I sent you a PM with my message. Have a daughter (3) with this donor.

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    that's too funny. my boy is my mini me! Looks like mama's genes are stronger on this one.


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