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Thread: 37, single and excited for this!

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    37, single and excited for this!

    I am almost 37 and single. I donít want to wait around for a guy to come into my life so this is what Iím looking at doing. Iím really excited! Iíve always wanted to be a mom. The donor that I like only has 2 vials left which makes me sad because what if it takes more than 2 times to get pregnant? I love the donor o want to pick but wouldnít be starting this until summer or fall. Iíve been on anxiety medication for 15 years and Iím in the process of weaning off of them which takes time. I also need to lose weight as Iím 30 pounds overweight. Iím wondering if I should purchase the sperm and have to stored or just take the chances of him being available when Iím ready to start. Iím not nervous for any of this, just excited. The thing Iím most scared of is telling my parents and of course the financial burden of having a child with just my income. Any advice that anyone can give would be truly appreciated. I am so excited for this chapter!

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    Buy your vials now if you can. Likely they'll be gone a year from now. Plus after those two vials the donor may become inactive and no longer donate.

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    Good advice. I don’t want to buy all 3 because what if I don’t need them all?

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    Hi Kelly, yes. Buy the vials now cause as sheannca said, they may not be available when you're ready to go and do your procedure. If you're set to have that donor, you wouldn't want to risk not having them. I also bought just 2 (only cause there were only 2 left at the bank). Usually, we are advised to get at least 3 incase you would like to have a sibling or if the first tries didnt work out. Goodluck!


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