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Thread: Donor 4060

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    Post Donor 4060

    Hi There,

    Just checking to see if anyone has become pregnant or already had a baby from donor 4060?


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    Sadly, if you didn't order yet and 4060 no longer has vials available.

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    Hi JaclynF,

    I was able to secure the last 2 vials. I'm currently having my blood tested to make sure I have the CMV antibody to make sure I can use this donor.

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    I have one little boy 8-21-14 and currently 16 weeks pregnant with my second both are donor 4060

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    Did you get pregnant with 4060? Interested in knowing. Have a daughter with him.

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    my son is 3y 3mo . We had great luck with 1 vial of IUI. Tried again last yr with remaining vial, but didn't take. But nobody bats 100%, I'll take 50%.


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