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Thread: donor 4780

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    donor 4780

    HI all,

    Looking for any live births from donor 4780. I am a few weeks pregnant with this donor.


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    I am also pregnant with this donor! Congratulations! How are along are you?

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    Hi, I gave birth to a baby with this donor. PM if you'd like to contact me.

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    Just delivered baby girl from this donor. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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    Hi everyone,
    I'd love to connect via the Donor Sibling Registry, if you're interested (I'm registered there for my child). I'd like my baby to know about donor siblings--and would like to connect if you're interested. Please check out
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    I messaged you all. We're very open to sharing! We're 18 weeks pregnant.

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    I had a baby with this donor back in October of 2016. Congrats everyone!

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    I am currently pregnant from this donor. Has anyone started a private Facebook group for donor 4780?

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    I haven't set up a facebook group, but would love to share there. I set up a profile on the Donor Sibling Registry.

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    Hi all, I've set up a secret facebook group for donor siblings and parents of 4780--please message me if you'd like me to add you.


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