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Thread: No Reported Pregnancies

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    No Reported Pregnancies

    I am thinking about ordering from a donor that has been active in the program for a little over a year but has no reported pregnancies. I am somewhat hesitant about that fact but the donor is otherwise perfect. How much should I let the lack of pregnancies sway my choice? I have already had multiple failed IVF cycles so this is a high stakes decision for me!


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    I don't know if anyone can give you a real answer on this, it may just be personal preference.
    All of Fairfax's sperm has a high mobility count, and who knows how many people have purchased that particular donor's sperm. Or perhaps they were purchased and not used yet.
    You could call Fairfax and ask how many vials in store he has to get an idea of how wanted that donor is. But even then its all guess work.
    Perhaps discuss your options with your doctor, and let that guide you.

    If it were me, I would get that donor. If he seems perfect in all other ways, then I would not let other peoples lack of pregnancy dictate my choice...but that doesn't mean it's the right answer for you.

    Good luck! I hope you get that little baby bump!

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    I had to change donors once because while the sperm had very high pre-wash count, not much survived washing. My doctor said it "didn't wash well"...and he advised me to discard the two vials I still had remaining from that donor... So after that I always bought one vial only first, then had my doctor do a count after washing. Once assured the sperm washed well I would then buy additional vials. I was doing IUIs, so the count and motility really mattered a lot, but if you are doing IVF it might not be as critical, but your doctor should know how to evaluate whether it is "good" sperm or not. I personally wouldn't be that concerned about the no reported pregnancies yet because a) a little over a year isn't that long, and b) a lot of women using sperm donors have fertility issues which make it harder to conceive, which could cause the reported pregnancy number to be lower due to non-donor-related reasons, and c) some people don't remember to inform the sperm bank that they got pregnant

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    I ordered sperm that had no reported pregnancies, and got pregnant on the first try! I just searched my donor's number on the forum and there are quite a few pregnancies. Maybe I was just an "early adopter".

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    Hello meli505, i think the reported pregnancy is one of the factors that we mainly consider. I did the same thing. I had few open id options (which i prefer to have in the beginning) on my list but because there is no reported pregnancy, i kept seaching for more profiles. When i found the donor that i finally chose, he's an anonymous one, that concerned me too. But after reviewing reevaluating them and finding the one that match my views/personality/passion, those matching points became my determinant in chosing the final one.

    In short, i think, if you found the one that is perfect for you, other factors can be flexible. I got pregnant on my first iui last month but i haven't reported the pregnancy yet until i get an ultrasound next week. So who knows, your preferred donor could've had pregnancies but not yet reported too.

    Check with your doctor if your failed cycles are cause by the sperm or the baby attaching. Cause i believe IVFs are more sure when it comes to IUIs, you really have to have good sperm to get to fertilize the egg on their own.


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