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Disclosure and Openness: To Tell or Not to Tell

September 26, 2015

Blog written by Director of Operations Fairfax Cryobank Michelle Ottey, PhD It is the choice of a child’s parents to disclose the details of their conception, as well as to decide the degree of information that is shared. This is an incredibly personal decision. Since 2004 the American Society of Reproductive Medicine Ethics Committee, the […]

New to infertility

September 21, 2015

Blog written by Laboratory Staff MF Infertility and the need for reproductive assistance are issues that not every person in the general public has to face, but those that do understand the heartache, worry, and pain that go along with it. As a relatively young and healthy twenty something, I never imagined that infertility would […]

Forum Lingo

September 14, 2015

Technology has opened the world to a whole new form of communication. The Fairfax Cryobank Family Forums offer the opportunity to connect with other people who have utilized donor sperm to start a family. This is a great resource for those who are just starting their insemination journey. However, the medical terminology can be overwhelming […]