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Who Gets the Sperm?

April 28, 2016

Blog written by Director of Operations, Fairfax Cryobank, Michelle Ottey, PhD. Not all sperm donors are alike. When screening for sperm donors, sperm banks are looking for a good, diverse, representative group of men who will appeal to our patients. The staff meets the prospective sperm donors and works with them through the screening process. […]

Environmental Effects on Sperm

April 25, 2016

Blog written by Fairfax Cryobank Director of Operations Michelle Ottey, PhD. Spermatogenesis is the process through which immature germinal stem cells are differentiated into mature sperm. This process is incredibly involved and takes approximately 60 days.* Due to the complexity of each step in this process, sperm are highly susceptible to external influences, such as […]

What do I do with my shipping container?

April 20, 2016

Laboratory Distribution Supervisor MI “YOUR BABY”. Those are the words I use in my explanation when I remind patients how they should treat a cryogenic container, while transporting it to another facility. Sperm, embryos or any cryogenic specimens in general are stored in extreme temperatures. Transportation of such specimens, without compromising their quality, usually consists […]

How Much Sperm Is Enough?

April 15, 2016

Blog written by Michelle Ottey, PhD, Director of Operations, Fairfax Cryobank So often in life we are told that more is better. Sometimes there is a sufficient number or size, but because of the “bigger is better” philosophy we overlook this. Who hasn’t gotten the large popcorn for only 75 cents more at the movies, […]

What Makes a Donor Special?

April 12, 2016

Blog written by Fairfax Cryobank Staff SS For those looking for the ideal donor, it is about finding that special emotional connection. Once you filter the entire list on ‘must have’ criteria, the short list still offers many options that require further consideration. The process can take weeks. Perhaps the childhood photo provides that connection. […]

Family Forums – How to Connect with Siblings

April 7, 2016

Fairfax Cryobank now offers a place for clients to discuss donor sperm related topics. This forum is a creation from your suggestions and requests to connect with parents of half-siblings. The discussion board is a very friendly and welcoming place for single mothers, same sex couples, and couples with fertility issues. No matter where you […]

Consult your Lawyer

February 28, 2016

Blog written by Michelle Ottey, PhD, Laboratory Director  This morning, I had an alert that there was another article with the headline, “… sperm donor must pay child support…” The headline is misleading in that it is not a sperm donor from a sperm bank, but rather a man who donated sperm to friends outside of […]

Donor Sperm for Couples experiencing Male Infertility

February 24, 2016

Blog written by Michelle Ottey, PhD, Laboratory Director  The CDC website lists data from a 2002 National Survey of Family Growth. They found that 7.5% of sexually experienced men under the age of 45 have visited a fertility doctor. These men visited a fertility doctor, presumably, due to an inability to conceive. Eighteen percent were diagnosed […]

Is Donor Sperm Safe?

February 18, 2016

Blog written by Michelle Ottey, PhD, Laboratory Director One of the questions I am asked most frequently is, “Is the donor sperm safe?” Women want to ensure that the sperm sample being used for their insemination is safe and will not put them or their potential child at risk. Donor sperm purchased from a sperm […]

Sperm Donor Myths

February 2, 2016

Myth: One ejaculate is one vial of sperm. OR One ejaculate is 15 vials of sperm. Truth: This is completely dependent on the quality and fresh analysis of the ejaculate in question. The sperm count and motility/progression determine how the sample will be processed and how many vials will result. Because our current specimen quality […]