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Lifetime Photos

Fairfax Cryobank has adult photos available on a significant number of our donors. We are offering photos that include childhood, adolescence and adulthood snapshots. Lifetime Photo Sets are available only on those donors with a camera icon     next to their donor number on the donor search. (View donor search.) You can view a photo set samples for each of the two options offered below. Donors in this program remain anonymous and a signed consent form you provide to us is required before we will send you the photos. Please allow one business day from the time we receive your signed consent to process your order. Complete instructions for placing an order and a copy of the consent form you need to sign are found under the heading 'Ready to Order' below. 

Note: Donors 2008, 2470, 2666, 2715, 2729, 2733, 2738, 2740, 2789, 2793, 2808, 4170, 4174, 4186, 4187, 4196, 4197, 4300, 4312, 4315, 4317, 4323, 4502, 4549, 4560, 4578, 4579, 4583, 4584, 4587, 4623 and 4800 only have Adult/Childhood photo sets available. A Lifetime Series is not available for these donors. All other donors with the camera icon will have both sets available.

We offer the following two options:

Adult/Childhood photo set:  $65.00 

(one adult photo and one childhood photo)

View a sample photo set -- click here

Lifetime Series photo set:  $95.00

(a series of 5-10 photos that span childhood to adulthood)

View a sample photo set -- click here

READY TO ORDER-- Patients who desire to purchase these photo sets must follow these steps:

1. Only if your selected donor has a camera icon next to his donor number on the donor search are Lifetime Photo Sets available.

2. You are able to download the consent form or complete and sign the electronic consent form, which can be found below. A separate signed consent is required for each donor selected. (pp1-2)

3. Read and fill in the requested information and if agreeable, please sign.

4. The final page (page 3) of the consent document has the ordering information. Please also fill this in. You may order photo sets for one or more donors.

5. If using the electronic version, you can submit online. If using the printed version of the form, please return (one for each donor selected pp1-2) and completed order form (page 3) to us via mail, scan and email, fax or FedEx for weekday delivery to the address email or fax number listed on the final page of the document.

6. Orders will be processed upon arrival and you can expect the photo set(s) to arrive by mail, FedEx (if you select this option), or email within one to two business days thereafter. We will contact you by phone only if there are questions regarding your order.


PDF and electronic consent form can be found here: Consent Form

(IMPORTANT: Only use this form if you know the donor has Lifetime Photo sets available-check to see if a camera icon   is present next to the donor number on the donor search. If not, then the donor does not currently have this available. Check back frequently, as we update this information often).

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