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Face Match


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Face Match?

Face Match is based on technology that uses sophisticated mathematical formulas to compare two facial images. Once you select a photo from your hard drive and upload it into the system, face match will compare it to every adult donor photo and provide results starting with the most resembling donor. Matches are rated based on a High, Med, Low scale where High matches occur infrequently. Donor photos remain private.  Selecting the desired ancestry of your donor is recommended as skin tone comparisons are not part of face match.

Face Match is intended to provide a fun, interactive way to help you select you donor. If you would like further assistance in interpreting your results, we welcome your calls. We hope you enjoy finding your perfect match!

How do I perform a Face Match?

1. Select the desired ancestry of your donor.


2. Select a photo from your hard drive by clicking Browse.  Once you have found the photo you wish to use click Upload and Search.

3. Face Match will compare it to every adult photo and provide matching results starting with the most resembling donor rated on a High, Medium, Low scale.

What type of image can I use?

The system will accept any standard image file such as .jpg, .bmp, or .gif.

How do I choose the best photo?

-Select a close up, high quality image with the face looking straight forward.  There should be no facial rotation.

-The person should not have a heavy beard, thick rimmed glasses/sunglasses, or hat.

-It is best to not have wide smiles.  When a person smiles widely his face moves. The corners of the mouth move up and the form of the eyes can change.

Examples of good photos to use:

When I uploaded my photo I am getting mostly low match results- what might be wrong?

Please be sure your photo image meets the “best photo” recommendations- see above.  It is best to limit other search options except for ancestry in order to get the best match results.   You may also get low number of High or Medium matches for a minority donor search as we have a smaller number of minority donors available.

I want to learn more about what my donor looks like from a staff member?

Please utilize our donor selection consultation services. Fairfax Cryobank can go over details of your face match results or provide an in depth counseling service for those who need assistance in selecting a donor.  Click here for more information.


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