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Club Fairfax


Join Club Fairfax!  We want you as a member of our exclusive Club Fairfax. Let us tell you why you should consider joining us.

  • Tier 3  Unlimited Access on all donor information for 3 months ($195 value)

    • Tier 3 includes all information on all donors including childhood photos, adult photos if available as well as all donor profiles, Keirsey reports and audio interviews

  • Save $100.00 on your first order* (this can be used towards shipping OR vials purchased)

  • Buy 5 vials of donor sperm and you will receive the 6th free*

  • Preview our newest donors for 7 days before they are made available to the general public

For an annual membership fee of $294.95, you receive all the offers listed above starting on the first day of membership that will save you hundreds of dollars.

Order online, call our Client Services team at 800-338-8407, or email us here, and we will set you up right away. We look forward to having you be part of the Club!

* $100.00 discount must be used in full and applies to only one order within the membership year.  Membership fees must be paid to qualify.  For those who wish to apply and qualify for the Pregnancy Pledge, only purchased vials will apply towards your free vial. The free vial must be ordered within the 12 month membership, beginning as early as 08/07/13, to qualify.

This is an annual membership. All of the above offers apply as long as the annual fees are paid.

  Club membership is not available for Canadian clients. Please visit our Canadian Client Website for more about accessing donor information.



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